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New to UPS? or Maybe you haven't stopped by in a while?  We are happy to share that we have a new system in place to make applying easier for you! 5 Steps: (1) Click 'Search Jobs' to go to our application system. (2) Find your job & click 'Apply' (3) Choose your Application Method (4) Login or create an account (5) Complete your application. Come back & check the status of your application at any time!

您想邁向何方?如果您準備好從您的工作及生活獲得您渴望得到的東西,加入UPS是一個明智的決定。作為一個不斷發展及充滿活力的《財富》美國 50 強企業,我們將提供各種機會,實現您的雄心壯志。因此,如果您希望開展一個美好的將來,我們將助您邁進正確的方向。