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FUTURE YOU makes big moves.
New to UPS? or Maybe you haven't stopped by in a while?  We are happy to share that we have a new system in place to make applying easier for you! 5 Steps: (1) Click 'Search Jobs' to go to our application system. (2) Find your job & click 'Apply' (3) Choose your Application Method (4) Login or create an account (5) Complete your application. Come back & check the status of your application at any time!

Future You wants to know—what is life at UPS really like? You’ll see that it’s about opportunity, teamwork, a supportive culture and benefits that help you become everything you’re envisioning right now. Explore the many ways UPS can enrich life for Future You. And if you’d like benefit information, find it with the specific job you’re looking for.

Benefits / Training

Your work at UPS isn’t just meaningful. It’s also rewarding.

Health, Safety, and Wellness Programs

We maintain the health, safety and wellness of our employees, customers, and communities. UPS administers several plans with a variety of benefits to meet the health and wellness needs of various employee groups.

Benefits Information Disclaimer

The compensation and benefits information provided on this website is for informational purposes only. Not every product or service is available or applicable to every employee and the availability of a product or service is subject to change. UPS reserves the right to alter or delete the information provided as required by UPS' business needs.


You’ll have powerful training and development resources to shape your career. For our drivers, you’ll have industry leading training to equip you with the skills needed to deliver the service our customers expect. There’s also access to UPS University, our learning management system which provides a full library of on-demand online courses. Other tailored training programs include our industry-leading Sales Academy, localized training, and development opportunities every day.

Diversity & Inclusion

At UPS, Future You discovers a workplace where everyone has an opportunity to fully participate in creating our success and is valued for their distinctive skills, ideas, experiences and perspectives. Our diversity and inclusion mission is to connect and empower our employees, customers, suppliers and communities for success. We seek to advance this mission around the world through advocacy, community investments, business practices and setting the example of a workplace which is fair, authentic, inclusive and diverse. Our definition of diversity extends beyond race, age and gender to include differences in ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, education, religion, physical ability, values, backgrounds and experiences.

Local Diversity & Inclusion

UPS has a global Diversity & Inclusion program and the main purpose is to establish connections with employees, customers and the community. In each local office we have BRGs (Business Resource Groups) which are groups of ups employees who serve as an extension of the broader strategy of Diversity and Inclusion of the company. Here in Brazil we decided to form a single group covering all the topics dealt with in BRG separated in other regions, so, for example, if in other countries there is a group that deals only with LGBTQIA+ themes and another group that brings events and debates about Women's Leadership Development, here in Brazil we have PARA TODXS, a single covering a variety of subjects and audiences. We have as main themes: Generations Mix, Women's Empowerment (WLD), Valuing Ethnicities, Inclusion without victimization of people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ Pride, Valorization Brazilian Multicultural Culture (combating xenophobia among Brazilian States) and Broken: the voice of the community. The committee's language is always positive, to value differences, not ignore them or combat in a hostile way to those who disagree, but to create a culture of respect, collaboration and information - which we believe is the main tool for prejudices.

In the Community

The UPS Foundation was established with a mission to help build safer, more resilient and inclusive communities around the world. This effort is where our heart and our capabilities come together, combining employees' skills, passion and time with our logistics expertise, transportation assets and charitable contributions to make a measurable difference in society. As our communities continue to grow and evolve, so do we. And when you join the team at UPS, your commitment to those around you will evolve as well. Our charitable giving and volunteerism will continue to create better places to live, work and play.

Local Community

Our committee in Brazil, Grants, has 22 members and all are responsible for monitoring, organizing voluntary actions in institutions indicated by UPSers, working on the dissemination of events, conducting visits and providing documentation for submission of projects to receive donation from the UPS Foundation. Our role is of paramount importance to the philanthropic arm of UPS here in Brazil, because all social responsibility actions go through the committee's scrutiny, both in voluntary work, which is our great legacy, and in the choice of institutions that will receive significant amounts from the UPS Foundation. Not only the members of the Committee, but all UPSers participate 100% of the process of supporting our communities, starting with the appointment of Institutions, then effectively working within the project as volunteers and also indicating them to receive cash donations. We take the term "giving back" very seriously, which is like a UPS mission, for all that the community has offered you during these more than a hundred years of existence.